ChromaSkin® Introduction

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ChromaSkin® Introduction

Introducing ChromaSkin® Pull that Key!

Chromaskin® is an removable adhesive backed fabric that leaves no residue and if handled with care is easily reusable.  It comes in Key Green and Key Blue, and other colors can be ordered custom like our new Key Orange.

  • Easy to cut with scissors or straight blade.
  • Can be digital die cut into shapes.
  • Leaves no residue on your electronic screens.

Fast and Handy

Sheets come in a heavy duty cardboard tube clearly marked and durable enough to withstand your truck or grip cart. Whip out a ChromaSkin® to quickly cover and key out almost anything.  Know you will need to cover multiple phones and computers, cut once and save to reuse! That’s right, just place Chromaskin® back on it’s backing paper and reuse, reuse, reuse.

If you are interested and would like a sample, please email a request and shipping address to chromaskin at or call our toll free 800.761.6995



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