We’ve worked on The Amazing Race for 13 seasons. It’s an award winning show and we’ve been proud to be a part of it.  Every year we are challenged to create various parts of the challenges and to supply ‘The Race” with the handheld support clues. folders, tickets, and game signage.  Ever season brings new problems to solve. We created huge condor costumes for a crazy flugtag in Chile. (nice clip down the page on Gawker, http://gawker.com/5476900/the-amazing-race-brokeback-chile)

We’ve had to put a wall to wall clue at the bottom of a Flounder Tank complete with flounders to match the live ones, in Chile. We’ve created 20’ target ‘X’ so the contestants could jump out of a plane and try land on. We did a huge Adinkra cloth print for a game in Africa, and a set in Tokyo for the Sushi Game Show Challenge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twr0AaFTaxw)

We created fake boulders that had to sink in a ocean tidewater location(and match but not too much) and that had to be able to chisel out the clue from inside in 5-10 minutes, (not too easy, not too hard). Lots of experimenting and testing!

We developed the special home base mats, and over the years, perfected the product to make it great on camera, lightweight, and able to withstand the extremes of weather and multiple shippers and airplane flights that challenge every Amazing Race season. It been an honor to be the provider of choice for this demanding show.

Just a few of the things we’ve done for them: sculpture, casting, fabric printing and fabrication, design, 3D signage, carpet, puzzles (magnetic and otherwise), and lots of printing shipped to all corners of the globe.