Central to our practice is direct collaboration with artists, architects, art directors, and designers of all types. Really Fake Digital, LLC creates graphic products that manifest the intelligence and spirit of our collaborators. Concept to Installation and anywhere in between, we deliver those ideas in forms that your audience won’t forget.

While the range of services offered by RFD has expanded greatly over the years, our commitment to on time delivery with consistently high quality remains unwavering. We thrive on meeting the needs of unique projects and challenging deadlines in Film, TV, Hospitality, Casinos, and Commercial Interiors. The unique blend of real world experience with technical and artistic expertise has kept Really Fake at the forefront of digital graphic production, attracting clients from all the major TV networks, from Top Chef and The Amazing Race to Hospitality trendsetters The Standard Hotel chain and The Mondrian Hotels.

Portrait of Cecil H Schmidt III by Ed HamiltonAbout Our Principal

Founder Cecil Schmidt’s multifaceted background in film, television, graphic design, and photography means RFD understands what it takes to make your job work. Cecil’s diverse experience brings a wealth of knowledge and cutting edge technique to specialized graphic production for all visual media and commercial installations.

Cecil’s interest in art led him to Louisiana State University where he received a BFA in Printmaking. With a curriculum designed to instill the tools to recreate the Print Age from scratch, Cecil studied paper making, ink making, printing press design, and photography using handmade cameras and hand coated plates.  Moving to Los Angeles, Cecil began work as a Fine Art Printer for noted artists at Gemini G.E.L. He is proud of his ability to mix absolutely any color from scratch. 

He went on to work as a Scenic Painter on commercials for Bank of America, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus and Land Rover.  Moving into the Art Department, Cecil began by painting hundreds of digital back plates for the PBS Kids’ show Jay Jay The Jet Plane. He went on to work for shows on Discovery Channel, USA Network, ABC and Warner Bros. At a time when few people had the tools to make super large digital prints from digital files, Cecil found himself frustrated by these limitations while working on Universal Picture’s THE JACKAL starring Bruce Willis and Richard Gere.

Cecil created Really Fake Digital, LLC to meet the need. Other printers were trying to get into the market, but none had the on set production experience to know what would and wouldn’t work on camera or understood the demanding deadlines of the industry. And so in 1999, RFD became the Original Digital Backdrop Company.